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CWBC Club Day 2023

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the Club, using a free day in the fixture calendar to get together, and welcome new members and guests to the club !

We enjoyed a "Bowls Bash" session in the morning, with the cumulative scores for our Crows (124) or Wolves (176) determining who was the successful squad. Well done to Colin Morton's "Wolves", who overcame Mike Hoskin's "Crows". The top triple award went to Cliff, Carole and Jean.

The afternoon saw a Mixed Three Wood Triples Game, where everyone had to bowl a wood belonging to someone else .... such fun.

See if you can see who has the perfect delivery, and who is just posing with their lovely new hairdo ! .........

And of course, our guests and supporters (and for the Spiders, won by Tina and Gina)

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