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Champions Challenge

Team John Beasley vs Team Nicky Scales

Sunday 17th July 2022 saw club members use the beautiful "Aussie Style" morning bowls weather to come together for an internal club challenge between the 2021 Ladies Champion (Nicky Scales) and 2021 Mens Champion (John Beasley).

The overall win went to Team JB, with congratulations to :

Mike Field and Lyn Kipps against John and Gina Langley in Pairs 1 (Win for Team Nicky)

John Huggett and Carole Halstead against Geri Hatton and Nicky in Pairs 2 (Win for Team JB)

Bill Pepperrell, Mike Hatton and Simon Scales against Bill Gibb, Cliff Langley and Colin Morton (Win for Team JB)

........... and with a big thank you to Iain Miller for his splendid photographic work !

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