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Internal Competition News!

Semi Finals & Finals Weekend 4th & 5th September 2021

Hi All,

The weather hasn't been kind to us this season, with the club having to abandon important league games, closure of rinks, cancelling friendly games, and disrupting our own internal competitions.

Therefore, we are forced to make some quick decisions before it gets any worse.

As many of our members are edging their way up to the Semi Finals and Finals in the knock-outs.

It is obviously getting harder to get all the games played on time.

So, to avoid a sudden rush and panic to get games played by Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th September, we will use Saturday 4th September for all Semi final matches, and Sunday 5th for the finals.

Hopefully, with an early start on Saturday, (10:30am) and using the rinks available we can make it work without any further delays.

To make it an enjoyable weekend, a BBQ will be available on both days, so bring your food, and one of our outstanding BBQ Chef’s will be available to cook it on the coals……..and don’t forget the bar will also be open for those thirsty moments!

The following games are scheduled to be played on 4th & 5th September2021:

However last minuet times can be changed if a player is in more than one Semi or Final competition.

Rinks to be drawn on the day

Dress : Saturday 4th September (Greys)

Sunday 5th September (Whites)

Good luck


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